Bespoke Walkway

We were appointed to Design, Manufacture and Install a bespoke walkway in Elizabeth Harbour, St Hellier on Jersey. The main challenges our design team had to overcome were the complex curve and slope of the site and ensuring a watertight joint to the existing walkway. The design of the walkway was based around our Meridian shelter system which was approved by the client as the best option for the project as it combined functionality with a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Product Specification

  • Powder coated mild steel framework
  • 6mm polycarbonate upper side panels
  • GRP lower side panels
  • Bronze polycarbonate roof
  • Extruded aluminium glazing system
  • Rolled steel roof hoops
  • Fabricated handrail system
  • Manually operated doors
  • VIA mains LED lighting
  • Integral wiring
  • Concrete plinth mounting


Each section of the walkway was drawn individually to ensure the structure followed the changing contours and curvature of the site. The lighting system was Queensbury’s own VIA system, which provided the correct lighting levels along with a practical solution for running the lighting cable the length of the walkway through the lighting extrusion. We also fabricated a powder coated steel handrail system to follow the lines of the walkway perfectly, meeting the requirements of the DDA. The walkway was installed utilising our own fixing teams.

Customer Feedback/Comments

The project was well received and led to another order for a canopy within the harbour.


Geomarine Limited


Bespoke Walkway


April 2014