Fingerpost Signs

The Queensbury fingerpost sign is based on a circular aluminum post with extruded aluminium finger pointers. The fingerpost fingers are fixed to individual ‘hubs’ located on the post. The hubs can be rotated at 30 degree intervals for individual site requirements. Recommended best practice angle between fingers is 90 degrees for legibility.

The hubs are locked together and locked to the main post by stainless steel pins to ensure the fingers are retained in their correct orientation. The orientation of the fingers can be easily changed if required.

Vinyl cut graphics are typically applied to the finger pointers, however, for a more premium option, the graphics can be engraved.

The standard finishes can be easily adapted to suit a particular wayfinding scheme.


Post: Aluminium post
Finish: Powder coated or anodised
Finger pointer: Aluminium extrusion.
Finish: Powder coated
Finger pointer graphics: Applied vinyl cut graphics, or
Engraved text and graphics
Ground fixing: Ground socket or cast in