Meridian Walkway


The Meridian, Queensbury’s most advanced shelter range, is ideal as a versatile and functional walkway. It can be constructed in a wide range of configurations and also has extra functionality, including integrated gutters and internal cable routing in the roof perimeter.

This range is based around a steel, vandal resistant frame with a low barrel vaulted roof as standard. The side glazing system features a mid rail that is secure and unobtrusive, yet easily accessible for maintenance. The glazing system can accept a variety of materials from toughened glass to solid painted aluminium panels. A flat roof version of the Meridian shelter is also available.

The standard Meridian shelter is available in 1300mm pitch bays. Widths and layout can be designed to suit a variety of project requirements.


Frame: Steel – zinc protected square section (70mm square & 60mm square)
Finish: Powder coated to any standard RAL colour, or
Brushed stainless steel
Roof Shape: Low barrel vault, or
Glazing System: Extruded aluminium with mid rail
Side & End Glazing: 6mm UV protected clear polycarbonate, or
8mm toughened glass, or
Solid panels (powder coated finish), or
Mesh panels (powder coated finish)
Roof Glazing: 4mm UV protected clear polycarbonate, or
4mm UV protected bronze polycarbonate.
Ground Fixing: Dig in, or
Bolt down
Fixings: Stainless Steel
Configurations: Enclosed
Quarter end panel
Half end panel
Full end panel


Seating: Aluminium perch (with or without handles)
Steel perch
GRP pad (with or without handles)
Wooden perch
Lighting: LED mains or solar
RTI: Fully compatible
Timetable Cases: Infopost (5 x sizes available), or
DRU (Double Royal)
Bus Stop Flag Brackets: Fully compatible
Signage: Vinyl or screen printed graphics