Petra display unit

The PETRA single sided display case has tubular steel support posts measuring 80 x 5mm with spherical decorative finials diameter 80mm. Anchorage to the floor through dowelled plates which are covered by a steel plug and with an extension of the pipe beneath the plate (400 mm) for ground embedding. Display door in 2 mm steel sheet with doors in 2mm steel and safety glass measuring 3+3 mm, fixed to the structure by stainless steel hinges. Door closing with a universal key lock. All the steel parts are protected and polyester powder painted in a hammered anthracite finish. All fixings are in stainless steel.


700mm x 1000mm visible area
1100mm post centers
2200mm height

Fixing system

Embedding the tube extensions under the base plates.
Recommended 1 or 2 concrete blocks for embedding: minimum 1000 x 1000 x 500 mm


£550.00 ex Works