Q Pole System


The Q Pole aluminium system has been developed to work with both RTPI signs and standard static bus stop flags. The extruded bus stop pole has a circular form, incorporating an infill strip which can have a highlight colour applied if required.

Designed to integrate single, double or triple timetable case assemblies as well as highway signs and stop identification numbers, the system is also compatible with RTPI signs, which are not supplied by Queensbury.

The pole can either have an anodised finish or be supplied powder coated to match any standard RAL colour. There are various installation options available including a ground socket system.


Pole: Aluminium extrusion (90mm dia) with infill strip
Finish: Anodised (Natural Silver, Black or Bronze) or
Powder coated to any standard RAL colour
Flag: RTPI,
Flat Flag or
Triangular Flag
Timetable case Options: Single A4, AA4 or AAA4
Double A4, AA4 or AAA4
Triple A4, AA4 or AAA4
Additional Signage: Highway Sign Option
Pole Cap: Standard, or
Stop Identifier
Foundation Option: Dig in,
Standard depth ground socket or
Shallow depth ground socket