Queensbury shelters can install or alter any electrical installation on your shelter or canopy to NICEIC standards as we are an approved NICEIC electrical contractor.

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting is an independent consumer safety organisation and is the electrical contracting industry’s voluntary regulatory body for electrical safety matters.

To meet with the standard we are re-assessed every year by an NICEIC Area Engineer, confirming that the business and the technical standard of our electrical work continue to comply with the regulations.

You can be assured that any electrical installation completed by Queensbury’s experienced teams will meet the Council’s technical standards, which are based on the national standard for the safety of electrical installations (British Standard DS 7671) and any other applicable British Standard Codes of Practice.

Whether we are altering, adding or constructing a new electrical installation on your shelter, you will receive an Electrical Installation Certificate – a safety declaration confirming that our work complies with the national safety standards.