Totem Signs

The Queensbury totem wayfinding sign is available in two standard sizes – the “Arrival” and “Navigation”. The Arrival totem is a wider product and provides larger wayfinding information for the start of a journey or where space allows. The narrower “Navigation” totem sign is placed along key routes, working more effectively on narrower pavements and can reinforce your journey as you go.

Both of these products are based on standard components that can be adapted specifically to a particular wayfinding scheme. The dimensions of the wayfinding sign can be changed, along with materials and finishes. The graphics are typically printed onto vinyl and reverse applied onto toughened glass. This provides clear, durable wayfinding information that can be updated if required.

These products are designed to be durable, easily maintained and updatable – essential within an urban environment.


Internal Frame: Steel – zinc protected welded square section
External Frame: Aluminium extrusion.
Finish: Powder coated or anodised
Side Infill panels: Aluminium extrusion
Graphic Panel: Low iron toughened glass held in aluminium extruded frame
Graphic: Reverse applied vinyl graphics
Kick plate: Stainless Steel or aluminium panel
Finish: Various options available